Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Baby Sheppard | My First Trimester

Since finding out I was pregnant I can't tell you the amount of blog posts I've read about babies, pregnancy and things I should expect now I'm expecting...but in all honesty I've found quite a lot of them hard to relate to. Women suffering from terrible morning sickness, shocking hormones and body insecurities which is something I totally expected. But, my first trimester has been nothing like that! Thank goodness! 

I got my positive test on the 17th March (mine and Michael's official 7 year anniversary) and in all honesty I was really shocked to see the two lines, mainly because the only symptom I had was a missed period. I had noticed that I'd been tired a lot more, but I put that down to too many late nights and early mornings. It wasn't until I got to around 8-9 weeks that I actually started to feel pregnant.

The tiredness hit me like a ton of bricks, I could sleep 9 hours through the night and still need nap on an afternoon. Not only did it not help with the tiredness but it also make me feel so groggy. My sense of smell was ridiculously high to the point I couldn't go into the kitchen for about a week because there was a smell in there only I could smell, it was incredibly frustrating. One thing I noticed most of all was how much my appetite changed, it's not surprise that I love food but I just couldn't stomach anything so much so it got to the point where I was only having 1 meal at night and little snacks throughout the day. I could no longer stomach fizzy pop, coffee, tea and even juice so I've been living off of lemon and lime water. The worst part of the first trimester was the retching, the awful feeling of wanting to be sick and feeling like the sick was coming up but not actually being sick. It completely wore me out and made me feel even worse afterwards...all I wanted to do was be physically sick!

Now that I'm at the end of my first trimester I've noticed that a lot of the early symptoms have started subsiding (thankfully) but new ones have taken over. The main thing I've noticed is how little I can sleep at night, if I'm not up to pee then I'm trying to get comfortable. I got a pregnancy pillow which has made such a huge difference comfort wise but it still hasn't made it easier to stay sleep. I know in the long run the symptoms are going to be worth it and if I'm totally honest I thought I would be suffering a lot more than I have been.

By far the best part of the first trimester was finally getting to see our baby on screen, I sat in total disbelief the whole time! We did have a little trouble getting proper measurements because baby didn't want to sit still which made me laugh...a lot! There was times it had it's hands in the air, doing head stands, stretching out it's legs and curling up into a little ball. It was just incredible to see and just knowing everything is okay makes it even more exciting.

I'm hoping to document as much as my pregnancy as possible, so if there is anything specific you'd like to see then let me know.

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