Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Favourite Pregnancy Apps

Like most people my phone is like an extra limb, so much so it's never further than arms reach at all times. So it's no surprise that pregnancy apps have become a very popular new addition to my phone, which is why I wanted to share a few on my favourites:

Ovia Pregnancy: This is the first app I downloaded and possibly my favourite of them all, it's simple and easy to follow and is full of useful information for everyone. My favourite part is you can always see how your baby should look at every stage of pregnancy, their size related to every day objects (fruit and veg, fun and games, animals or bakery) and the size of their hands and feet compared to the size when born. You also have a place to keep track of dates, appointments and make notes on everything from food, sleep and weight. Then the most useful part is the community section that allows you to interact with other parents by answering and asking questions. So if you ever have any queries or concerns it's so handy to have it there for advice from people in the same boat as you. Plus the app gives you little updates on how your baby is growing, what will be developing next, how to deal with your pregnancy symptoms, exercise and nutrition advice and maternity/parenting products. It really has everything you need and it's free! 

Sprout Pregnancy: This app is a recent download and it is a little bugged but I only really check it once a week when my pregnancy week changes. It gives you a little insight into what your baby looks like week by week, but what I like most is that it looks a lot more realistic than others. It also gives you a little bit of information on how your baby has changed in the new week, everything from size and weight. The app does tend to crash after a little while, I can look passed that though as it's so lovely to see how your baby is growing. 

Bounty Pregnancy: I wasn't aware of this app until I saw my midwife for the first time and she gave me my bounty pack (given to all women when pregnant). The app gives you a little information of new changed to your baby each week, how big the feet are and how many days you have left of your pregnancy (168 to be exact). You also get a lot of relevant articles and information that you can favourite and go back to at a later date. There's also a section about your hospital that gives you leaflets and information relating to the hospital that you have chosen to have your baby in (if that is your choice), but what is great is that it gives you information for pregnancy and after you've given birth. This app is also where you can get access to your free pregnancy packs; mum to be pack, newborn pack, growing family pack and a gift box that you can pick up from your local Boots, Asda or Tesco. Inside you get free samples and vouchers that can come in very useful. As it's recommended by midwives you know it's going to be full of useful information. 

I'm sure as I get further into my pregnancy my list will only grow, but if you have any other recommendations then please let me know.  

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