Tuesday, 6 June 2017

25 Things I've Learned In 25 Years

Today, June 6th is the day I turn 25...a whole quarter of a century! I don't quite know how I feel about it, on one hand it's quite a good solid age to be and things in my life are finally on the up; engaged, living with Michael and a baby on the way. But then I think about how I'm edging closer and closer to 30 and that's an age I'm not quite ready for...just yet! I thought now I'm 25 it was the perfect time to share 25 things I've learned over the last 25 years; 
  • Pyjamas are a pure gift - there is no greater feeling than coming home (or just spending all day) and putting on pyjamas. 
  • Dry shampoo is a God send - who has time to wash, dry and style their hair every day? Not me!
  • It's okay to only have a few friends - at least you know they're loyal. 
  • Always listen to your gut feeling - 9 times out of 10 it will be right. 
  • Don't be ashamed to wear a bikini - be proud of your body and wear that bikini.
  • People have different opinions - And that is okay, you just have to learn to respect them.
  • Glitter nail varnish isn't always worth the hassle - who really has time to remove it? 
  • Not everyone you meet is going to like you - that's just life. 
  • Your life isn't centred around your phone - it's okay to put your phone down and live life away from your screen. 
  • Dress how you want to dress - your 20's are the perfect time to make fashion mistakes, if you want to wear the dress...wear it and rock it!
  • There is no ideal body type - everyone's body is a different shape and size, no two people are the same and that's okay! 
  • Broaden your mind - learn about the world, politics, languages, culture and religions. There is so much out there to know. 
  • Don't let social media be a third wheel - everyone isn't really that interested in your relationship so don't plaster it all over Facebook. 
  • You can say no - if you don't want to do something, then don't. It really is that simple. 
  • A hot shower can fix everything - maybe not quite everything, but almost.
  • It's okay to cry - there's no shame is shedding a tear or two when watching BGT (or basically any other TV show)...right?
  • Manner really do cost nothing - really, you've been told it all this time and it's true. A little please or thank you can make such a difference. 
  • Your family are important - as much as you might not want to think it family are always there for you. 
  • It's okay not to have your life mapped out - that five year plan you had mapped out in your head...it's never going to go exactly how you planned. 
  • Print physical pictures - so many memories live in our phone and we forget to document them in books now. 
  • Taking off your bra is the best feeling ever - after a long day there will be no better feeling than taking off your bra.
  • Trust your parents - mothers (and fathers) really do know best. Trust what they say.
  • It's okay not to like alcohol/getting drunk - is it really all its cracked up to be anyway? Plus dealing with a hangover at 24 isn't as easy as when you were 18. 
  • A good hair cut really is worth the money - trust me on that one. 
  • Be yourself - accept who you are, weird quirks and all. 
I'd love to know if there are any life lessons you've learned...maybe I can add them to my list for next year. 

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  1. Happy 25th Birthday :) I agree with some of these myself, especially that glitter nail polish isn't always worth it!

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