Thursday, 6 July 2017

Pregnancy Body Changes & Acceptance

Before getting pregnant I always looked at women's bumps and envied how incredible and glowing they looked, a small part of me was always excited for when I got pregnant as I wanted to look how amazing they looked...little did I know my changing body is a little harder to come to terms with than I first thought. 

For the first 15 weeks I never actually looked pregnant just very bloated, I never felt like I was glowing or even content with being pregnant. In fact, for those 15 weeks I tired to hide my stomach as much as possible, baggy tops and joggers became staples in my wardrobe. I just felt awful about my body, I couldn't accept it changing and it killed me to know that I wasn't embracing every second on my pregnancy. I think a lot of how I was feeling came from the fact that I've never really been confident with my body, especially my stomach! Something I'd spent so many years trying to hide or suck in was now growing week by week and it didn't feel right. However, over the last week or so I've noticed such a change in the way I'm feeling about my body...I'm finally learning to accept that it's growing and changing.

Those baggy clothes have been put to the back of the wardrobe and I now find myself reaching for items that are going to show off my baby bump. I think after buying a few maternity clothing items and realising that they fit how clothes should fit, which only makes me feel more confident and more importantly...comfortable! I find myself touching my bump more - occasionally prodding and poking hoping for a kick - and embracing my baby belly. This sudden change of heart came after I read a story about someone going to their 20 week scan to find their baby had no heartbeat. It made me realise how silly I'd been not embracing my pregnancy because I was so lucky that my body was allowing me to grow a healthy baby.

I now feel so incredibly confident with my pregnancy body and I can't wait to see the rest of the changes it will go through over the next few months. At times it can be difficult to grow a human but we're able to do such an amazing things with our bodies; growing, housing, feeding and birthing a baby. So for that reason alone I can only thank it for giving me the greatest gift ever!

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