Oh hi, welcome to my little corner of the internet! 
I'm Katie, aged 25 from the North East. 

I'm a Mum, fiancee, puppy owner, home maker, university graduate and blogger.
I'm engaged to my best friend and partner in crime, Michael. We live together in our own little bubble that was popped on the 29/10/17 by the arrival of our 7lb 3oz baby girl Ellie Joy. We're also accompanied by our fur baby Minnie (the shihpoo). You could say the conventional parts of my life are coming together nicely!
In February 2016 I took the plunge and created my own little online world, a place to share everything that was going on in my scattered brain...and something to distract me from day to day life. Little did I know it would be something that would grow into a hobby that I just can't quit! 

My life is a journey and I don't want to do it alone..

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